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Total Suppliers in Thermometer Category

  • Products:infrared radiation thermometer. LCD/LED TV, Plasma TV, Advertisement player, kiosk, tablet pc, interactive e-learning board One?second can measure out the body temperature. - Avoid touch skin,convenient measure baby's temperature. - Three color to inform the? temperature: green - normal,? orange

  • Products:Infrared Thermometer. Diesel and petrol engine, generator, power tiller, water pump, power sprayer, micro-electrical motor etc. and various farm tools, food machinery, construction machinery and spare parts like chain, sprocket, gear, couplng, belt, hose,bearing. non-contact infrared thermometer

  • Products:Intelligent Anti-Epidemic Machine. Mobilizable compact machine with a temperature measurement zone and a disinfection zone. Accurate and rapid temperature detection. Complete the whole body disinfection efficiently. Thermometer Intelligent Anti-Epidemic Machine AVIC-INTL PROJECT ENGINEERING COMPANY.

  • Products:Medical infrared thermometer. protective equipment Rapid Induction, Accurate Measurem. Authoritative Certification of CE/FDA/CFDA. Thermometer Medical infrared thermometer Erui International Electronic Commerce Co.,Ltd

  • Products:Non-Contact infrared thermometer. Medical Supplies, including mask, protective clothing, Non-Contact infrared thermometer, Respiratory machine,test kit ect. Thermometer Infrared thermometer,thermometer Beijing Toodudu E-Commerce Co., Ltd.

  • Products:Fast Passing Human Body Temperature Door. Function Introduction 1. The original imported thermal infrared imaging probe, compared with the infrared receiver, has the advantages of high sensitivity, high pixel, high resolution, array imaging, etc; ??????????? 2.Fast speed: normal slow

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