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Total Suppliers in New Energy Passenger Car Category


    CCCME Member Recommended by CCCME

    Products:Joylong Electric Bus EW5,Joylong Simple Ambulance,Joylong Electric Car EM3,Joylong Bus IFLYS,Joylong Ambulance,Joylong Physical examination hospital bus,Joylong Bus IFLY,. business vehicle, daily vehicle, electric patrol vehicle, electric truck, electric vehicle, minibus,Vehicle

  • Products:pure electric car high speed range 300KM with EU M1type certification,high speed hybrid SUV,. daily vehicle, electric car, electric vehicle, off-road vehicle,Vehicle Automobiles,New Energy Passenger Car,Off-road Vehicles Old other manned vehicles with drive motor onlyOther with electric motor for

  • Fujian Newlongma Automotive Co., Ltd

    CCCME Member Recommended by CCCME

    Products:KEYTON M70 EV Panel Van,KEYTON M70 Minivan,KEYTON V60 SUV,KEYTON EX80 MPV,. Van, Electric Truck, Electric Vehicle, Minitruck, Commercial Vehicle, SUV, MPV Automobiles,New Energy Passenger Car Fujian Newlongma Automotive Co., Ltd


    CCCME Member Recommended by CCCME

    Products:2axle or 3 Axle Flatbed Timber Semi Trialer for Sale,Fire Fighting Truck,Taga 4×4 Negative Pressure Ambulance Truck,High Quality Utility Dump Semi Trailer for Tractor Truck,6×4 Aluminum Wingvan Truck,QINGLING ISUZU GIGA 6×4 Tractor,Single Cabin Truck Chassis,Electric Van Truck,Multifunction Dust

  • Products:ELECTRIC GOLF CAR,Electric Classic Car,Electric Club Car,Electric tourist car,Electric security car,Electric truck,Electric Sightseeing Car,Electric truck,Electric Towing Car,ELECTRIC PATROL CAR,. electric club car, electric patrol vehicle, electric sightseeing vehicle, electric truck, electric

  • Products:Pure Electric Van. CAR Hualing Junma HN5040XXYG14C3BEV pure electric van uses a permanent magnet synchronous motor, the maximum speed can reach 90km/h, driving range> 300km, full load maximum climbing grade > 30%. 0~50km/h acceleration time is 5.5s, with high safety, high energy density, high

  • Products:Five seats and seven seats lithium battery new energy business electric vehicle. vehicles, truck, bus, van, pickup truck, SUV, mini bus, mini truck, electric vehicle, roller, wheel loader, bulldozer,forklift, tractor Model M5 EV Comfortable Configuration L*W*H(mm) 5145*1720*1980 Wheelbase(mm) 3000

  • Products:Mini Electric Car for Delivery,4-Wheel Electric Passenger Car,4-Wheel Low Speed Electric Passenger Car,4-Wheel Electric mini cargo,Mini Electric Car for Cargo Transport,4-Wheel Low Speed Electric Passenger Car,4-Wheel Low Speed Electric Passenger Car,3-Wheel Electric Passenger Car,3-Wheel Electric

  • Products:5.3 meter Electric food vending truck,Electric Parade Float,Electric Fire Truck 1ton,Electric Golf Cart,3 ton Electric cargo truck,5 ton Electric cargo truck,. electric patrol vehicle, electric sightseeing vehicle, electric vehicle,Vehicle Automobiles,New Energy Passenger Car Yichang Xinwei New

  • Products:Mobile 20 000 liters LPG filling skid / station,Fire-fighting truck cab TJ2000,1000 liters stainless steel tank for milk or other chemical liquid,4.5ton pure electric truck,Euro 5 Emark certified heavy duty dumper truck,5000 liters LPG bobtail (LPG tank truck ),Vertical Rotary smart car parking

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