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    CCCME Member 0
    Products:Winding machine,electromagnetic switch,single spooler,other winding machine processing of metal,the generator stator winding the line machine,metal winding machine...


    CCCME Member 0
      Company Overview Julong Home Appliances (Suzhou) Limited was established in October 2005. The company is located in the wonderfully named Taiping (meaning peace) Town in the Xiangcheng Disdtict of Suzhou. The primary activities of the company are that of the research and development, manufacture and sale of vacuum cleaners, with an annual production capacity of 2 million units. This includes independent research and development, mould manufacture, injection moulding,painting,circuit bo
  • zhejiang haodangjia electrical appliance co.,ltd


    CCCME Member 0
    Products:A centrifugal drier non full automatic washing machine,a centrifugal drying machine full automatic washing machine,mini washing machine with drying,washing machine,washing and dewatering washing machine,double barrel semi automatic washing machine,c;Washer;Washing machine parts;Dehumidifier,household electric appliances,sharpener,household miniatur......
  • zhongshan songjing


    CCCME Member 0
    Products:Warm air blower,domestic warm air machine,mini fan,floor fan,small fan,electric heater,fan heater blower workshop,site,plug-in electric heater;Convection type space heater,heater,other convection space heater;Air intake heater,air heater,Yuba,hang on the wall,four lights Yuba,Yuba ceiling LED,tempered glass surface of Yuba Yuba,ceiling lamp,wall mo......
  • zhejiang aoli electric appliance co.,ltd


    CCCME Member 0
    Products:Separated wall hanging type air conditioner,split type air conditioner,a window type air conditioner;Air-conditioning;Air conditioner;Air conditioning parts...
  • hefei rongshida sanyo electric co.,ltd


    CCCME Member 0
    Products:The CPU processor,integrated circuit chip,integrated circuit;Ultra small SMD reed,magnetron,reed reed,patch;The panel,after the crankshaft oil seal,the torque converter oil seal,a guide rod,shaft shell oil,rail system,shaft sealing ring,the torque converter liquid seal,linear guide;Printed circuit;Microwave Oven;Solenoid valve;Transmitter,pressure,......
  • shenzhen 1/3 nanotech energy saving technology co.,ltd


    CCCME Member 0
    Our company has a lot of independent innovation technologies such as nano-reflection technology. Our company is one enterprise focusing on the research & development, production and sale of various types of nano energy saving lighting appliances, and also is a professional service company that uses " Energy Management Contract" (EMC) model for energy-saving financing cooperation with customer. Company's research team, mainly based on Taiwan R & D team, has begun working towards
  • Shenzhen city comprehensive Huiyuan electronic technology limited company


    CCCME Member 0
    Products:Mobile phone,cordless telephone;Audio recorder,flight data recorder,data collector,data management module,the flight data report,voice recorder,report,actuator with radio and television,analog / digital converter,ion source,ion source mass spectrometer us;The liquid crystal display panel,liquid crystal display...
  • shenzhen yingzhijian technology co.,ltd


    CCCME Member 0
    Products:Dehumidifier,household electric appliances,sharpener,household miniature oil press,oil mill,ball to clothing,clothing shaving device,automatic shearing machine;Flashlight;8 the character development,4 in 1 patients with bone cutting plate,Cheng Kongyi,ultrasound knife head,fine needle aspiration system,supporting frame,tibial impactor,high-frequenc......
  • shenzhen credit electron limited company


    CCCME Member 0
    Products:The liquid crystal display panel,liquid crystal display;The CPU processor,integrated circuit chip,integrated circuit;Smart cards,labels,tags,radio frequency identification RFID,SIM card,mobile phone card,sensor ID tag,RFID tags,intelligent not recording card;Computer components;Mobile phone camera,camera,camera for vehicle;The wireless network card......
  • shenzhen guang yu opto electronics technology co.,ltd


    CCCME Member 0
    Products:The blank disc,was not recorded optical media,the read-write CD-ROM,CD-ROM,dish washing,blank CD,blank disc...
  • shenzhen grand electric appliance co.,ltd


    CCCME Member 0
    Products:Other electric water heater,water heater,stainless steel electric water heater,commercial electric water heaters,quick heating type electric water heater,variable frequency electric water heater water heater,machinery,mobile water heater,energy-sa...
  • kinwei tcchnolgies shenzhen co.,ltd


    CCCME Member 0
    Products:Memory;Transmitter,liquid crystal display module,signal receiving filter,circuit board,projector slice,liquid crystal display clip,display base,dust-proof net,other parts of headings 8525 to 8528 column equipment;The CPU processor,integrated circuit chip,integrated circuit;Amplifier...
  • shenzhen shengben,ltd


    CCCME Member 0
    Products:Energy saving lamp,fluorescent lamp,compact hot cathode fluorescent lamp;The gas discharge lamp,xenon lamp,xenon gas discharge lamp,high-pressure discharge lamp,xenon lamp lights,strobe lights,halogen bulb...
  • shenzhen guanglei electronic co.,ltd


    CCCME Member 0
    Founded in 1995, Shenzhen Guanglei Electronic Co., Ltd. is a hi-tech enterprise specialized in developing, designing, producing and selling of healthcare appliance items. Thanks to our united team, we constantly have new products by introducing high technology and implementing efficient management and good training. As the Guanglei electronic mold and plastic factory found in 2004,   we have many advanced equipment in mold field, such as lathe,    &n
  • shenzhen unique scales co.,ltd


    CCCME Member
    Carrefour, Shenzhen City, Weighing Apparatus Co., Ltd. is a healthy body weight measurement technology topics, planning a business development strategy, the set of electronic weighing research, development, production, sales, service as one of the modern enterprise, the main product by negative health scale, the human body health scale, smart fat scales, baby care scale, practical kitchen scales, the use of portable scales and six series of more than 200 kinds of products. At present, Carrefour h
  • labotrix group limited


    CCCME Member 0
    Products:Steel coil spring,spring buckle,a damping spring,the return spring;The connecting plate,pipe clip,key ring,a small shaft,parallel hanger,a tent peg,the flexible shaft,fixed hardware,tray;Weighing scales,electronic scales,automatic box weighing system,weighing the main piece,scales,weighing device;Portable computer of notebook computer,tablet comput......


    CCCME Member 0
    Products:Hose cleaning gun,spray system,oil,water,spray,spray gun,air gun,releasing agent spraying device,jet dust gun...


    CCCME Member 0
    Shenzhen Huaxin Intelligent Electric Co., Ltd styles herself as an export-oriented manufacturerof Robot vacuum cleaners, Founded in 2008, in last 4years, we devoted to RD product. From2011, Huaxin factory was established; it has becoming a power in this field. This has 5000 squaremeter factory space, more than 300 workers. Its products have rapidly dispersed into over 60countries and territories in Europe, America, Asia, Africa and Oceania. Many international famouscompanies choose Huaxin as thei


    CCCME Member
    Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, Menergy Geothermal Inc. is one of the leading enterprises in the geothermal heat pump industry, with nearly 30 years of experience in geothermal applications and an extensive patent portfolio in energy conservation and environmental protection. Since entering the Chinese market in 2004, Menergy has established a manufacturing centre and a regional headquarters in Nanjing, in addition to 30 representative offices across China. Menergy is the first company in the
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