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  • Guangdong Welling Motor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


    CCCME Member
    Products:Integrated circuit;Audio recorder,flight data recorder,data collector,data management module,the flight data report,voice recorder,report,actuator with radio and television,analog / digital converter,ion source,ion source mass spectrometer us;Elevator control component,the onboard computer,collision avoidance system processor,flap assembly,timely i......
  • Guangdong Zhicheng Champion Group Co., Ltd.


    CCCME Member
    Products:Iron and steel parts,steel structure;The connecting plate,pipe clip,key ring,a small shaft,parallel hanger,a tent peg,the flexible shaft,fixed hardware,tray;Regulated power supply;The electric system,UPS uninterruptible power supply,power supply;The static inverter,single inverter,household inverter,inverter,inverter unit,dual inverter,other invert......


    CCCME Member
    Products:Household gas stove;Gas stove parts,parts of gas stove;Smoke lampblack machine;Fan parts;The components of the compressor,fan parts,turbocharger parts...
  • Ningbo Bainian Electric Appliance Co., Ltd.


    CCCME Member
    Products:High beam switch,clutch switch,air pressure switch,switch,a headlight switch,membrane switch,transmission shift switch,sensor switch...
  • Guangdong Yinhe Motorcycle Industry Co., Ltd.


    CCCME Member
    Products:Motorcycle;Motorcycle;Motorcycle;Motorcycle accessories,motorcycle parts,accessories,gear box;Vehicle engine;Mopeds,motorcycles;Mopeds,motorcycles;Pneumatic cylinder piston,the cylinder connecting tube,piston,connecting fork,cylinder,a support ring,a pneumatic cylinder with end cap;Motorcycle;Car headlights,with the lamp base,footlights,step lamp,v......
  • Jiangsu Newamstar Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd.


    CCCME Member
    Products:Bag sealing machine,sealing machine,cutting machine,labeling machine,labeling system,the device,barcode weighing box sealing machine,cutting edge sealing machine;Film wrapping machine,and other packaging or packaging machines,packaging machines,packaging systems,tablet packaging line,taping machine,packaging production lines,packaging machinery;Par......
  • Guizhou CVC Inc.


    CCCME Member
    Products:Piston internal combustion engine parts;Diesel engine parts for ship;Hydraulic turbine parts;Drainage pump;Liquid pump;Exhaust fan,fan,cooling axial fan,axial fan for cooling electronic products,axial flow fan,CPU fan;Heat pump;A plunger,fuel filter,filter cover,resonator pipe,respirator filter,fixed shaft protection sleeve,filter tube assembly,a f......
  • Xiamen Kehua Hengsheng Co., Ltd.


    CCCME Member 0
    Products:Soft starter,semiconductor module,power module,power supply module,other semiconductor modules with a converting function,with variable flow functional semiconductor module,diode module,inverter module,semiconductor converter module;Integrated circuit;The electric system,UPS uninterruptible power supply,power supply...
  • Xingyue Group Co., Ltd.


    CCCME Member
    Products:Vehicle engine;The gasoline engine,the piston internal combustion engine;Pneumatic cylinder piston,the cylinder connecting tube,piston,connecting fork,cylinder,a support ring,a pneumatic cylinder with end cap;Liquid pump,a metering device of pressure pump,pump autosampler,hydraulic assembly,weighing conveyor,liquid additive metering system,injectio......
  • Chongqing Beibei Tianli Lamp Co., Ltd.


    CCCME Member
    Products:Plastic mold,rubber mold,adsorption mould,plastic mould,door lining adsorption mold,copper mold,balloon flat die,balloon end mould,mould for plastics;Car headlights,with the lamp base,footlights,step lamp,vehicle license plate lamp,headlight;Rear-view mirror steering lamp,rear lamp indicating lamp,purifier,control position indicating lamp,the door ......
  • Changan Group Co., Ltd.


    CCCME Member
    Products:Stainless steel wire core,wire cage,small band,shelf mesh,storage cage,industrial steel wire products,steel wire products,screwdriver hanging ring,a filter component;Turbo generator embedded parts,a spacer ring,screw,connecting rod,ball,casing;Diagonal pliers,tool sets,hose clamps clamp,steel pliers,pliers,tweezers,forceps head,opening clamp,pipe c......
  • Zhejiang Maxtop Tools Manufacture Co., Ltd.


    CCCME Member
    Products:Cold forming equipment,metal ceramic thread rolling machine,screw metal or metal ceramic rolling mill,metallic thread rolling machine...
  • Hangzhou Advance Gearbox Group Co., Ltd.


    CCCME Member
    Products:The crankshaft gear,the gear,sun gear,gear wheel,transmission device,an idler wheel,gear box unit,gear unit;Clutch disc,wheel,bearing components,drive components,booster pump belt tensioner pulley,gear,belt tensioner,thrust piece,a lower gear;Linear ball bearings,roller bearings,bearings,suspension bearing sealed ball bearings,,multi row radial bal......
  • Zhejiang Oklead Auto Parts Co., Ltd.


    CCCME Member
    Products:Non central control lock,lock,storage box door,the top window half lock,mechanical lock,electronic steering column lock,door lock,road building machine electronic lock;The speaker bracket,pedal pad,sun visor holder,glass guide groove,luggage locator,window frame cover,laser phonograph guard plate,air deflector shield cover,electronic control unit;L......
  • Guangdong East Power Co., Ltd.


    CCCME Member
    Products:The electric system,UPS uninterruptible power supply,power supply;The static inverter,single inverter,household inverter,inverter,inverter unit,dual inverter,other inverter,solar wind inverse appliances,inverse appliances...
  • Zhejiang Kaixun Mechanical and Electrical Co., Ltd.


    CCCME Member
    Products:Lifting machine,material hoist,davits,electric hoist,electric hoist and hoist;Volume pen device,office machines,paper machine,banknote checker,automatic carton packaging machine,currency-counting machine;Winch,electric winch,electric hoist;Winch parts,Jack rocker,jack base,the brush holder,a handle,the movable handle,jack parts,anchor windlass scre......


    CCCME Member
    Products:Wire,microphone cable,high performance wire,a joint of wire,low voltage busbar,signal lines,extension cords,wire bundle...


    CCCME Member
    Products:Electric control cabinet,the three-phase line control system,electrical house device,machine electricity box,electrical control room,the other power control or power distribution device,electric pan,a single-phase line control system;Transmission line insulation porcelain casing,insulating bushing;Insulation head,other materials of insulator,insula......


    CCCME Member
    Products:Steel cans,steel container;Steel coil spring,spring buckle,a damping spring,the return spring;Spring;Copper chain,chain and parts of copper,copper chain parts;Air pump,air compressor,hoods,gas mask;Water cooling machine,refrigerator,refrigeration equipment,refrigeration unit,cooling device,a semiconductor refrigerator,cold water machine,the refrige......
  • 浙江恒久机械集团有限公司

    CCCME Member
    Products:Stainless steel woven,woven wire mesh,filter mesh;Motorcycle chain;Roller chain;Articulated chain;Hinged chain parts;The steel chain,chain,stainless steel stamping hinge,unlisted chain;Track link,non articulated chain parts;Library scale,constant scale,hopper scale and other packaging scales,weighing scales,weighing,constant monitoring and conveyor......
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