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automatic egg carton machine
automatic egg carton machine
automatic egg carton machine
automatic egg carton machine

automatic egg carton machine

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automatic egg carton machine

Main Specification 

Machine Configuration

1 side / 2 sides / 4 sides / 8 sides / 12 sides

1 side swing arm flip transfer product

With mould washing and product flash function

Pre-heating system above the forming drum

Template size

1200 x 400 mm
1600 x 400 mm
1600 x 560 mm
1950 x 420 mm
 2350 x 420 mm

Moulding method

Rotary drum suction moulding

Moulding cycle

≤ 20 mould/min

Number of moulds

3 slices / 4 slices / 5 slices / 6 slices per side (by 30 egg trays)

Maximum height of the product

70 mm

Match drying line

6 layer / 8 layer drying line

control method

PLC touch screen

Design capacity

1500-7200 pieces/hour (by 30 egg trays)


* The above parameters are for reference only. Due to the continuous development of technology, the data will be updated from time to time.

* Pulp moulding equipment is non-standard equipment, our company can provide targeted customized solutions according to customer needs.

* You are welcome to contact us at any time, our professional team will provide you with more effective support and help.

Main feature


The full-automatic drum-type egg tray egg box production line is mainly suitable for the production of egg trays, egg packaging boxes, fruit trays, beverage cup trays, bottle trays and other low-profile products with relatively regular shapes. The pulp moulding production line with the automatic drum egg tray and egg box production line as the main system has the following characteristics:


-Cost-effective option with fast return on investment

-Drum moulding technology with excellent performance

-The smaller area under the same output

-Matches efficient 6-layer drying line

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