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Cixi Ocean Trade Co., Ltd.
  • Main Products:

    Manufacturing & Processing Machinery

  • Location:

    No. 269 Sishan Road, Cixi City, Ningbo, Zhejiang, China

  • Official Website


As the crystal part of sealing materials in China, Cixi Ocean Trade Co., Ltd has three special production bases with great power.

We have top production equipment of sealing parts from all round the world, including: 25full automatic winding machine of the lastest design around the world; Imported numerically controlled lathe with complete functions; High-accuracy gasket test equipment which can test three points at the same time; Jacketed Gasket production line of the latest technology; Auto high-speed hanging packing weaving machine. Main products include metal and non-metal gaskets such as Spiral Wound Gasket, Metal Jacketed Gasket, Metal ring gasket and cutting gasket; Packing of kinds of materials such as graphite, carbon fiber and synthetic fiber; Sheet materials such as graphite sheet, PTEE sheet, non-asbestos sheet and rubber sheet; Sealing equipment such as full automatic winding equipment and high-speed weaving machine; Sealing packing such as tower packing materials and soft packing materials(imported), as well as raw materials of sealing such as inner and outer rings of winding gasket and other kinds.

As a company specializes in producing and exporting sealing parts, we are entitled with our direct import-export operation right and provide full set of sealing products for a great number of customers. Meanwhile, we are also regarded as the agent of some famous sealing brands abroad to meet special needs of customers home and abroad.

We have special and quick quotation sysrem by computer, reasonable and sufficient storage and united, efficient and special service team for customers.

Our goal: To spread our home sealing products to the whole world and introduce global sealing products to China.

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Cixi Ocean Trade Co., Ltd.