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Shanghai Liancheng (Group ) Limited company, is a domestic famous research manufacturing pumps, valves and fluid delivery system, electrical equipment and environmental control system of diversified large enterprise group.

After more than 10years of development, now has five large industrial park, located in Shanghai, Jiangsu and Zhejiang and other economically developed areas, covers an area of 550000 square meters, is headquartered in Shanghai industry industrial park. Shanghai owns the into a pump manufacturing Co., Shanghai into a motor company limited, Shanghai into a valve limited company, Shanghai Liancheng Group Logistics Limited, Shanghai Liancheng group universal equipment installation engineering, Shanghai may of Teck industrial equipment limited company, Shanghai even into the group of Suzhou Limited by Share Ltd and other wholly-owned subsidiaries and holding companies, registered capital more than 580000000 yuan, the total assets of billions of yuan. Product variety has amounted to three thousand a variety of, cover water pump, motor, electrical cabinets, valves, complete sets of equipment, machinery and other accessories series, the product price is reasonable, reliable, widely used in municipal, water conservancy, construction, fire, electricity, environmental protection, petroleum, chemical, mining, medicine and other fields. Group annual sales are the industry forefront.

The group currently has a large water pump test center, three coordinate measuring instrument, dynamic balancing measuring instrument, laser rapid prototyping equipment, multi-functional shot blasting machine, automatic argon arc welding machine, a large vertical lathe, large grinding machine, CNC machine tool group and other domestic and foreign advanced production testing equipment more than 2000 sets. The existing staff of more than 4500 people, secondary school students accounted for 72.6%, intermediate title475 people, advanced title 78 people,19 state-level experts, Professor 6people. Invest a lot of money every year for technology innovation, product development and the introduction of equipment, has nearly more than 600national patent technology, each participated in many national and industry standards for the drafting and editing work, involving chemical, fire, water, city water supply and other areas of products and technical standards amounted to tens of the Department of. The group has built a sound sales service network, with more than 30branches and more than 200 branches, more than 2800 people have a professional sales service team, for our customers to provide professional technical support and excellent marketing services.

Group by ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001 and other international management system certification, the full implementation of ERP information management; has won the state and Industry issued by the industry, fire, mine, petrochemical and other important areas of industrial products production license, the CCC China compulsory product certification, CQC product certification, CE certification, health permit documents, MA SMA security certification, metrology certification, energy-saving, water-saving certification, use of international standards certification, import and export qualification of enterprises production and operation qualification; and access to the " national innovation enterprises"," a well-known trademark in China"," Shanghai famous trademark"," product of Shanghai famous brand"," Chinese famous brand"," big business"," the first batch of national water pump energy saving certification through the enterprise"," Shanghai high-tech enterprise"," Shanghai municipal enterprise technology center"," the Shanghai Municipal Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise"," Shanghai city private manufacturing industry 50 strong"," Shanghai City hundred industrial enterprises"," national the drafting of the standard units"," Chinese water industry ten big national brand" and so on the multitudinous honor society.

Along with the group 's sustainable development, are products have been widely recognized, currently has: the National Stadium "bird's nest", the National Grand Theater, Shanghai World Expo projects, the capital airport, Guangzhou Baiyun Airport, Shanghai metro, Shenyang metro, Hongkong metro, Xi'an project of water supply of Shenzhen Shawan pumping station of Macao water supply project in Zhuhai, Shanxi, the Yellow River irrigation Pinggang pumping station in Jiamakou pumping station, West Shanxi Province, Guangdong cloud are fan pumping station pumping station, Xiaolangdi Dam of the Yellow River, Ningxia water conservancy project on irrigation engineering, Erdos City drinking water project, the Qinshan nuclear power, nuclear power, ridge Austrian Guodian, Datang Power Plant, Huaneng Power Plant, Shougang, Tangshan Iron and steel, Baosteel, TISCO, Anshan Iron and steel, Daqing oil field, Xinjiang eight one Saline Lake, Qinghai, Shanxi coking, potash project in Lu'an mining, chemical, Shaanxi Xianyang sea oil Huizhou oil refinery project, Tsinghua University, Haier group and Angola agricultural irrigation and drainage engineering, Burma national agricultural irrigation projects, and nuclear power, thermal power, hydropower, oil, steel, coke, mining, chemical, oil refining, a large number of domestic, foreign engineering model. In general, Bayer, Siemens, mass, Coca Cola and other international well-known enterprises in China 's engineering were introduced into the product of the group.

Group commitment to build the world's top fluid processing industry enterprises, adhering to always cherish the harmonious relationship between man and nature, to improve the quality of human life make unremitting efforts for the purpose, for the realization of "a hundred years even as" the lofty goal, has been committed to environmental protection, energy saving products R & D and manufacturing, for national enterprises to revitalize with development of unremitting efforts!

Because of high water, as far ... ...!

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