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Hangzhou Fin Tube Co., Ltd. (HZFT for short), established on 2006, has grown into a leading international finned tube manufacturer in China. Over a decade, HZFT is committed to the developing, manufacturing and product extension of integrated finned tube. On 2017, it has been assessed as high-tech enterprise at State level.

HZFT has been devoted itself to shape the integrated finned tube since its foundation. We have self-developed two kinds of finned tubes based on different processes. One is extruded finned tube using on soft materials such as Copper, Cupronickel. The fins are obtained by roll forming the outer surface of a plain tube, which guarantees no heat resistance between fins and mother tube. a high heat transferring efficiency, a durable life and an amazing resistance to the vibration. The other is Laser Welded finned tube for materials like Stainless Steel, Titanium. The material strip is instantly welded when it touches the core tube. The depth of melting bath reaching 0.5mm, if needed, offers a tight bond between fins and tube and excellent heat exchanging efficiency.

Right now, HZFT has 19 finned tube production lines, annual capacity of 1.7 million meters. Over 70% of the sales is to foreign customers, which includes Raypak, Pentair Pool, Zodiac Pool, Astral Australia Pool, A.O. Smith and RBI etc. It has been a decade since the first finned tube went abroad, HZFT’s constant pursue for quality and responsible attitude towards customers have earned a good reputation in the market.


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