Zhejiang Yilong Testing Technology Co., Ltd

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Company Profile Introduction

Zhejiang Yilong Testing Technology Co., Ltd., established in May 2012, is a R & D enterprise specializing in the R & D, production, sales and service of machine vision equipment. It has more than 20 employees, of which R & D personnel account for more than 90%, 5 have a doctor's degree or above and 2 have a master's degree.

The company's main products include automatic bearing roller appearance defect detection equipment and auxiliary equipment based on machine vision (automatic feeding and leveling machine, cleaning machine and oiler), bearing finished product defect detection equipment, bearing ring detection equipment, automatic material receiving machine, character error proofing detection machine, online counter, etc. Help enterprises improve product qualification rate and realize the goal of machine replacement.

In recent years, with the development of automation industry, the company focuses on the manufacturing and transformation of automatic production line. The combination of industrial engineering and industrial robot technology, machine vision and big data application can greatly improve production efficiency and production automation.

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Zhejiang Yilong Testing Technology Co., Ltd