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CCCME Successfully Holds Online Matchmaking Meeting of Knitting and Sewing Industry

Publish Time:2020-06-15 00:00:00 Source:CCCME

 To better promote the Yiwu Equipment Fair knitting, sewing equipment exhibition purchaser inviting work, understand the user enterprise orders under the influence of epidemic situation, production condition, equipment procurement, etc., help the exhibitors do accurate docking with the end user enterprises, market development department staff organization on June 16 sewing machinery and equipment suppliers to boni, pujiang niannianwang knitting, YaFen d. underwear fashion, the red dress to visit exchanges.
The textile industry has always been the traditional dominant industry and leading industry in Yiwu, with more than 2,500 textile enterprises. In 2019, there were 269 local textile enterprises in Yiwu, focusing on underwear, shirts, home textiles and other industries.