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CCCME Continuously Hosts "Overseas Project Experience Sharing" Series Activities

Publish Time:2020-12-23 00:00:00 Source:CCCME

 In order to strengthen the exchange of the construction achievements of CCCME member enterprises in the global market, share and discuss the successful experience of typical projects, guide and promote enterprises to actively respond to the impact of the epidemic, and better explore the overseas market, CCCME has continuously held nine "Overseas Project Experience Sharing" series activities since May 2020. Representatives of key member enterprises were invited to discuss and exchange experiences and practices in the market development, construction and operation of Belt & Road and major strategic projects of international production capacity cooperation, focusing on specific contents such as country market, project development, investment and financing mode, project effectiveness and difficulties. Key member companies such as CGGC International, China Railway Design Group, Dongfang Electric, CMC, ZTE Corporation and etc. have shared their successful experience in developing large-scale projects in key markets around the world. The content of each Sharing Meeting was specific and detailed, close to the market, and in line with the concerns of enterprises. More than 500 participants from over 100 enterprises attended the series of Sharing Meetings.