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ASB GSM HLR X.25 Front Unit
ASB GSM HLR X.25 Front Unit

ASB GSM HLR X.25 Front Unit

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Nokia Shanghai Bell Co., Ltd.


Scientific Researcher,Others

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X.25 interface, and can give full play to its front-end performance of HLR X.25, X.25 interface to simplify the complexity, provides a simple interface, fast and easy access.

HLR X.25 front-end between the BOSS / BSS systems and between the HLR, the HLR as a logical complement the main provider of connectivity and conversion.
􀁺 terminal operating features: the device is operating as a front end HLR, HLR through an X.25 interface
􀁺 BSS connection processing functions: business, billing, accounting, customer service systems translated into work orders sent by HLR to execute the instruction, according to updated results of the implementation status of work orders, if needed, could take the initiative to send an announcement to inform the system
􀁺 rich interface features: support for the HLR, BSS / BOSS variety of interface functions
􀁺 speed: speed through the X.25 interface processing business is the original RS-232 interface is 3-4 times
􀁺 high reliability: X.25 is a packet-switched protocol, reliability is far higher than the character stream protocol RS-232
􀁺 intelligent management: management module automatically, to further accelerate the processing speed of business
􀁺 complete log management: to record all the operations for the HLR

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