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ASB 1422 Evolium HLR G9
ASB 1422 Evolium HLR G9

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Nokia Shanghai Bell Co., Ltd.


Scientific Researcher,Others

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Attribution District Location Register (HLR) constitute the basic unit of exchange subsystem. HLR load of each mobile user (MS) record and routing information. According to the routing information, regardless of how the mobile user's current location, th

HLR G9 is the latest software version, it has the following features:
􀁺 capacity upgrade
􀁺 support CAMEL PH3, GPRS prepaid
􀁺 support PDP CONTEXT MODEL (HLR database saves space)
􀁺 support UMTS R99, 2G/3G synthesis process
􀁺 support a large number of value-added services
Introduction of new front-end operations 􀁺 PC, integrated terminal features the original two, HLR database data can be backed up in front of the PC hard drive, greatly reducing the time for backup data, and improve security.
􀁺 small footprint
􀁺 capacity
􀁺 easy to upgrade, can support both 2G and 3G, cost savings
􀁺 higher security, HLR backup system working in two-state, may apply to the whole network HLR N +1 backup
􀁺 good compatibility, can be compatible with multi-operator
􀁺 simple user interface, easy operation
􀁺 performance, high price

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