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Nokia Shanghai Bell Co., Ltd.


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Shanghai Bell, Alcatel's S12 HLR / AUC is the most extensive worldwide sales of the S12 platform and then to a staged basis.

It has a distributed control subjects, the modular system structure, module load sharing module settings and important characteristics of the primary standby configuration, easy-to-smooth expansion, adding new features. HLR storing mobile user data, such as IMSI, MSISDN / MIN number and its corresponding basic business data, business data and the supplementary registration, activation data, and user location information. HLR updates the location of user data provided to the VLR, the call in the terminal to provide the necessary routing information to the MSC. In addition, HLR also has an optional authentication feature.
􀁺 HLR based on the following design principles:
􀂾 S12 hardware re-use;
􀂾 S12 core software reuse;
􀂾 S12 7 Signaling subsystem re-use;
􀂾 for LDR applications designed to re-use of distributed database VLR
􀁺 HLR S12 build standard templates, so the MSC with the HLR has hardware features;
􀁺 large dynamic register: HLR is based on a distributed-memory, high-performance database, its data on disk are backed up. The database itself and its related database management feature, called high-capacity dynamic register (LDR).
􀁺 HLR fault-tolerance and redundancy: a centralized user database, HLR is designed to provide highly effective services. Design through the use of hardware redundancy and primary / standby control unit can be configured to ensure the security of user data and call processing functions of permanent validity.
􀁺 user database protection: the user database consists of two layers of protection and effectiveness of security systems to be guaranteed.
􀁺 authentication features: authentication center core of the system modules, which, upon request, to complete the cellular authentication and voice encryption (CAVE) authentication algorithms and calculation results, the private mask or share encrypted data (SSD).
􀁺-wide distributed control, high security, low network blocking probability
􀁺 high reliability system, an important function to the primary backup and load-sharing mechanisms to achieve
􀁺 powerful database functionality, up to 60 million users of data
􀁺 design and use of hardware redundancy, primary / standby control unit configured to ensure the security of user data and call processing functions of the validity of
􀁺 two-tier security system to ensure the safety of the user database

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