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rubber vulcanizing machine

  • FOB Price: 2000.00-20000.00
  • Port:Qingdao
  • Minimum Order Quantity:1
  • Supply Ability:45  per Month
  • Payment Terms:,L/C,T/T,

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Hot plate temperature evenly Economic, can be used in different Rubber parts Efficient rapid vacuum system

Detailed products discription

Qingdao Goworld ubber rapid compression machines  Features:

 1,this type of mzchine is suitable to be used for double mold plates.It is capable of high speed production.

 2,For the rail opening,the opening angle is up to 90 degree .It is very convenient to operate.

 3,high force employs dual pressure and each oil system is designed speparately.It is consistent,quiet and low frequency of malfunction.Two shafs can be operated simultaneous

4,slow moving speed is available for alignment more safe and more accurate.

Type 150Ton 200Ton 250Ton 300Ton
Stroke(mm) 300 250 250 250
Heating plate size(mm) 460x460 503x508 600x650 650x650
Diameter of cylinder(mm) 300 350 400 450
Horse power(hp) 15 15 15 10x2
Double shaft thermal electricity(kw) 18 27 38 38
Total power(kw) 29 38 49 53
Gross weight(kgs) 5500 6000 8500 10500
Machine size(mm)









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