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ComiX Electric Conveyor Belt Cutting Machine

  • FOB Price: 990.00-0
  • Port:Shanghai
  • Minimum Order Quantity:1
  • Supply Ability:5000  per Year
  • Payment Terms:L/C,T/T

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Electric DQC - 1 layer cutting machine belongs to the conveyor belt cutting tools. It is made of micromotor, eccentric shaft, slide block, blade, sliding plate and bolt, knurled nut. Its working process is that micromotor drives the eccentric shaft, to-and-fro movement through the slider to drive the blade, reach the role of faults in conveyor belt, and the cutting depth can be adjusted by knurl nut through the displacement of sliding plate.

Detailed products discription

DQC - 1 layer electric cutting machine including micromotor, screw, blade, slider, eccentric shaft and layer casing conveyor belt interface electric cutting machine, its characteristic is that it has on the casing connection piece with screws, sliding plate and connection block, sliding fit above in the side of the connection piece is equipped with bolt, knurled nuts and bolts to cooperate. When order (please supply below information, our engineer will make a solution for you) 1. What kind of belt, Fabric belts or Steel cord belts; 2. Working Voltage;Advantages:1. The cutting depth can be adjusted by knurl nut through the displacement of sliding plate.2. Simple, light and efficient.3. It can be reach the function that the manual workers cann't reach.FAQ 01) Q: Do you have any certificates for the DQC-1 conveyor belt cutting machine?A: We have CE Certificate and ISO9001:2008 for the machine.02) Q: Normal delivery time?A: About 15 working days. Customized machines will take a bit longer.03) Q: Will you test the machine before shipping?A: Yes, each machine, we will install and test before shipping.04) Q: What after-sales service will you supply?A: If the problems arising from the our manufacturing defects in the guarantee period, we will provide full support to solve the problem, reducing the loss. At the same time, we will provide the free spare parts; Over the guarantee period, if you want to replace the accessory, we can give some discount on the price.05) Q: Whether can visit your workshop to see how to process the machine?A: No problems, you are always welcomed to visit us.06) Can I be your agent in our area?A: Yes. ComiX is looking for the agents all over the world. If you are interested , please feel free to contact us to negotiate the agency mattes in details. 07) Q: How to get more informaition? A: Please visit www.comixvulcanizer.com or www.comixvulcanizing.com

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