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Combine Harvester: GN60

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Lovol Heavy Industry CO.,LTD.


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Technical parameters

Technical parameters

Engine power (ps) 140、150
Cutting width (mm) 3800、4570、4570( torsion/set)
Feeding rate (kg/s) 6( rice),5( wheat)
Total loss rate (%) Wheat ≤1.2 rice ≤3.0 soybean ≤7.0
Broken rate (%) Wheat ≤1.0 rice ≤1.5 Soybean≤7.0
Impurity rate (%) Wheat≤2.0 Rice≤2.0 Soybean≤3.0
Threshing and cleaning structure type Toothed/Rasp Bar Single Longitudinal Axial Flow + Fan + Double Layers Cleaning Screener Structure
Gravure plate adjustable structure Mechanical Controlled Adjustable Speed at Definite Ratios
Axis flow roller(outer diameter*length) φ500*3414
Grain tank capacity(m³) 3.2
Grain unloading type Mechanical Grain Discharging Sleeve
Running speed range(Km/h) 1.05~19.7
Operation weight 9910
Overall dimension (L*W*H) (mm) 8800*4970*4100 (Assembled with 4.75m shear platform without chopper)

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