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Polymer insulator
Polymer insulator
Polymer insulator
Polymer insulator
Polymer insulator
Polymer insulator

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Polymer insulator

Composite tension & suspension insulator mainly consists of a core rod (ECR type or FRP type), silicone rubber housing and metal end fittings.

Material of end fittings: #45 forged steel, hot dip galvanized,thickness of the galvanization: ≥86μm

Material of the core: Epoxy & glass fiber (ECR type or FRP type).

Material of the weather sheds: HTV silicone, color grey

Housing to core: They are chemically bonded and the interface strength between the housing and core is higher than the tearing strength of housing itself.

Sealing: Juncture between end fitting and core rod is totally embedded in HTV silicone rubber, eliminating conventional and traditional sealing defects: (The other type is available that use RTV silicone sealant to seal the juncture between end fitting and core rod).



Item No.DimensionsMechanicalElectrical
Height(mm)Min Dry Arcing Distance(mm)Min Creepage Distance(mm)Diameter of the rod(mm)Number of shedsSpecified Mechanical Load(SML) (kN)Routine Test Load(RTL)  (kN)Rated Voltage kVCritical Impulse Flashover Voltage
 (Pos/Neg) kV
Power Frequency Flashover Voltage
 (Dry/Wet) kV
FXB 11-15kV335200460174703511-15140/14570/60
FXB 24-27kV460235675176703524-27170/19075/65
FXB 33-36kV545350900178703533-36230/250105/95
FXB 33-36kV440360900189402033-36230/25095/85
FXB 33-36kV440360900189703533-36230/25095/85
FXB 69kV970±10780213018181005069410200/185
FXB 132kV1475±1513003850183010050132550275/235
FXB 230kV2380±30190060002460160802301315780/700

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