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Air source water heater air to water machine 4KW
Air source water heater air to water machine 4KW

Air source water heater air to water machine 4KW

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A cooled, liquid refrigerant is pumped into evaporator, then absorbs thermal energy from the ambience as a result of the temperature difference. In this process, the refrigerant then change state and becomes a vapor. The gaseous refrigerant is then recompressed in the compressor. The pressure results in a temperature rise. Then the condenser transports this thermal energy into heat storage and the refrigerant reverts to a liquid state. The pressure is reduced again in the expansion valve and the cycle then start all over again.

●    Safety and Eco-friendly

Water and electricity are separated to avoid possible electric shock. Without possible toxicities of CO, user’s safety can be ensured. No pollutant is released during operation, so there is no damage to the environment.

●    Reliable and Durable

Adopting special compressor, the unit is resistant to high temp. and pressure. The entire unit is with multiple protection functions to ensure long lifespan of the system.

●    Easy Installation

Without limitation of environment, the unit can be installed in garage, stock room or basement. It is also suitable for skyscrapers, villa, and so on.

●    Easy Operation

Water temperature can be set. Water supply can be on or off depending on water temperature and water consumption, so that hot water can be supplied at any time. Unit on/off can be set by user according to requirements (the unit will stop once water temperature reaches the setting point). Running of unit in electric platy kurtosis is possible to reduce electricity fee.

●    Intelligent Defrosting

The unit with anti-freezing and intelligent defrosting functions can efficiently prevent freezing and frosting.

●    All-day Use

The unit can make and supply hot water all day in despite of night, overcast and rainy days.


Scope of delivery

Heat pump unit and optional water storage tank.


Series: KFXRS-4I/b

Voltage and frequency: 220V/50Hz

Heating capacity: 4530W

Input power: 1050W

Max input power: 1470W

COP: 4.3

Rated current: 4.8A

Max. current: 6.7A

Refrigerant: R410a

Refrigerant volume: 1000g

Rated water flow: ≥0.78m³/h      

Hot water output flow: 97L/h

Noise: 54dB(A)

Net weight: 54Kg

water pipe connector size: DN20

Water proof level: IPX4

Electric shock proof level: I

Rated output water temperature: 55℃

Dimension: 960*360*550mm

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