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CEIEC ShenZhen was established on April 26th,1980, the year ShenZhen Special Economic Zone was born in. CEIEC ShenZhen is one of the holding companies invested by CEIEC. After more than 20 years, CEIEC ShenZhen has become a multivariate group company with a mature joint stock system, RMB 1.75 billion of totol asset, RMB 0.45 billion of net asset, over 200 thousand square meters of high-grade houseproperty. The investment of the company is distributed in more than ten enterprises in the fields of international trade, real estate, finacial securities and high & new tech industries.   With our business scope extending to include the fields of international trade, real estate, financial securities and high & new tech industries, we have become one of the largest exporters of electronic products and components in the domestic market. Specializing in independently conducting import and export trade, we can supply foodstuffs, edible oil, knitted apparel and textiles, general merchandise, industrial materials, coal, petroleum by-products (except final products), hardware, electrical products, chemicals, construction materials, and arts and crafts (except gold and silver jewelry).    Meanwhile, we are also involved in managing freight and storage services, personnel recruitment, information inquiries, electronic engineering inspection and management, property management, packaging production, and renting self-owned real estate. Furthermore, we can contract overseas mechanical and electrical engineering projects and domestic projects for international bidders, export required equipment and materials for these projects, and dispatch workers (except sailors) for engineering, manufacturing and service employment overseas.    As our dominant business, international trade has brought us overwhelming success, and provided a solid foundation that has enabled us to extend into other areas. Having achieved a total export value worth USD18,066,000,000 in 2000, we are supplying products to clients in 92 around the world. Moreover, since 1991, we have been listed in the annual list of 100 Major International Trade Enterprises in consecutive years. Additionally, the Ministry Of Foreign Trade & Economic Cooperation (MOFTEC) and the Ministry of Information Industry has also commended us as an advanced Company in the National Foreign Economy and Trade System.

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