--Shenzhen city Xinglong Source Technology Development Company Limited ( referred to as the" Xinglong source technology" abbreviated" SZNE" ) was established in 2005, is a professional engaged in" wind tunnel" type high efficiency wind and solar power and other new energy power generation application product development, production and sales of professional high-tech company, is also highly efficient for wind and solar power and other new energy sources the overall system solution provider of professional. The Chinese industry is only able to provide the floating power total system solutions for the enterprise. The company is high-tech enterprises, Shenzhen city business students, Shenzhen Yantian District evaluation of outstanding scientific and technological enterprises. Won the national Torch Program projects bear units, the national innovation fund key support units, the international cooperation research and development technology project first prize, by the national Ministry of science and technology, the Ministry of construction, national development and Reform Commission and other nine ministries and commissions awarded the "National Science and technology innovation quality management advanced unit" honorary, deep harbor science and technology innovation excellence award, was named Shenzhen city students entrepreneurship award enterprise (4first enterprises ), was included in the Shenzhen and Yantian District circular economy white paper enterprises, the company's products are recognized as Shenzhen" independent innovation products", is the first batch of 57 enterprises of Shenzhen City, is a solar energy enterprise obtains this special honour exclusively in the enterprise, at the same time by development and Reform Bureau Construction Bureau and other I units identified as" Shenzhen city fixed assets circular economy product catalog", and adopted the Shenzhen Energy Commission of experts organized by experts, the company products are included in the centralized procurement catalog, Shenzhen city hall, in 2010 was elected to the Shenzhen citizen center" built in Shenzhen City Zone Industrial Science and technology achievements30Anniversary Exhibition", in the market and the peer form a distinct competitive advantage.