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    The production of computer chassis power supply

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Guangdong new Rui technology is a universal IT manufacturing development of private high-tech enterprises, is committed to industrial networking industry R & D, manufacturing and the programme. The company has advanced production system, a sound marketing network, has grown into a national high-tech enterprises, top 50 enterprises in Huizhou city. Industry upgrading to the new sharp has brought vitality, integrated resources company, has launched a new project, development foreground is infinite.

Review of company history,2006the beginning of its establishment, in the production of computer chassis power supply and other peripheral equipment. In two years time, the rapid growth of top 50 enterprises in Huizhou city. In 2007, the company began to focus on the technological content of products, increase the funds of activity of science and technology investment, import like DVS digital video service system, as well as the biometric products have certain scientific and technological content of products. In 2008, the enterprise begins sortie industry informatization domain, and Peking University Graduate School of Shenzhen to carry out industrial networking project cooperation, developed SmartMMIS manufacturing management information system, cutting-edge computer desktop system fingerprint management software that Guangdong Province independent innovation products.

At the beginning of 2011, the company officially launched the integration of existing resources, industrial networking project. The project aims to Internet of things technology, especially the wireless sensing and transmission technology used in industrial manufacturing field, in order to solve informatization of business of industry production and scientific management problems of convergence. According to the plan,2011 to complete the project in the core technology of the basic research work, as well as project supporting product development and small scale production. In 2012 to provide Internet service on SAAS. It is expected that in 2013, the United States Rui provide industry networking products and Internet services will usher in the first peak.

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