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China's city construction holding group Co., LTD is the only state-level specializes in city development investment of the construction of the enterprise. The company predecessor is affiliated to the national ministry of construction of China's urban construction and development corp. In 1998 the party central committee and the state council according to the central military commission, put on a "military armed police law system no longer do business enterprise" instructions spirit, receive some military commission and ErBao enterprise, merged into group company.

Since the company was established, the relevant departments under the state council and the central military commission leadership and care for our urban construction and development business and national defense construction career have made outstanding contributions, many countries and the military commission by rewards and recognition.

China's city construction holding group registered in state administration for industry and commerce, the registration capital is one hundred million yuan more than SAN she. Have across the country in development and management of real estate, construction, decoration, the roads and Bridges, the botanical garden afforestation engineering, pipeline engineering, hydraulic engineering, surveying, design, and other aspects of the management authority and construction materials import and export.

China's city construction holding group has a high quality the staff, company staff more than 60% have bachelor degree or above level of culture, including group headquarters have doctor 38 people, professors and researchers 55 people, intermediate or above of of all kinds enterprise technical personnel 980. In addition to the headquarters of the company also has jurisdiction over eleven period, distribution in across the country and overseas. The institution's design institute and institutes in finished well in ""," 10 "and the" eleventh five-year plan "period in the cities of planning and urban development outline for the task. China's city construction holding group is gradually developed into a collection of city construction and development, urban planning, urban development research, engineering construction, surveying, design, project investment as one of the major intelligence intensive comprehensive enterprise.

China's city construction holding group in the past nearly 20 years of growing up, the completion of the national large key city nearly a third of major urban infrastructure projects; 80% of the large urban pipeline construction and reform project won the excellent project; Overseas development project for the city for the first time in our country by the United Nations with issue "the building humanistic care" prizes!

China's city construction holding group will as always adhering to the "modesty, pragmatic, and the QiuZhi in fine" enterprise idea, for the construction of socialism of Chinese characteristics make new contributions to the development of urbanization.

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