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shenzhen credit electron limited company

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    shenzhen city longgang district longgang town long ping road west industrial park



Founded in August 1992, Shenzhen G.Credit Electronics Co., Ltd. (G.Credit) is a Hong Kong-invested enterprise based in Shenzhen and facing the world. It is situated in the Zhida Industrial Park in the central town of Longgang District, Shenzhen and has nearly 3,000 employees. It is mainly engaged in the OEM of consumer electronics, communication terminal products, etc. Its manufacturing processes cover mold, injection molding, SMT, plugging-in, bonding, test, finished product assembly, etc.Its main

customers include the famous manufacturers in China, Europe and America and its products are sold to different regions in the world. It is an electronic product manufacturing enterprise with a goal of becoming a mainstay of the industry.

  • R&D advantages:
    Cooperating with Global China Technology Limited in establishing R&D centers in both mainland China and Hong Kong, G.Credit has a huge professional research team that is made up of various excellent professional researchers and is able to develop telecommunication terminal products and wireless products with different specifications and technical requirements. Thanks to its independent research and development strength, G.Credit has already become a pioneer in both national and international wireless and mobile technology fields. Moreover, G.Credit is also in cooperation with some specialized mobile chip manufacturers like DSPG and NXP, keeps improving its communication product development platform, further enhances its software development ability based on chip sets and protocols and makes continuous technological innovations.
  • Manufacturing advantages:
    Whole-process integration manufacturing system (mold, injection molding, SMT, plugging-in, bonding and finished product assembly)
    G.CREDIT has hundreds of pieces of specialized manufacturing and testing equipment including full automatic high speed chip mounters, full automatic dispensers, full automatic printing machines, lead-free reflow soldering machines, spectrum analyzers, composite analyzers, telephone analyzers, programmable power supplies, accoustic tester, cell phone composite analyzers, pulse press welders, ion fans, etc.
    The main production equipment, experimental facilities and testing instruments of G.Credit fully meet the needs of international customers and passed the inspections of global famous customers like MOTOROLA and SWISSCOM for many times and are highly appraised by these customers.
    G.CREDIT is able to make and improve fixtures and jigs by itself.
  • System support:
    G.CREDIT executes high-quality and effective information systems regarding manufacturing management, material control and office automation, making its operation standardized and effective.

      G.CREDIT believes that God helps those who help themselves and adheres to the principle of “People First”. Through its continuous independent innovation capability, excellent cost control ability, high-quality management team and high-quality customers, G.Credit devotes itself to turning it into an internationally outstanding electronic product manufacturer.

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