zhejiang aoli electric appliance co.,ltd

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zhejiang aoli electric appliance co.,ltd

  • Main Products:

    air conditioner

  • Location:

    288 punan avenue shengzhou zhejiang china

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The Aoli Group is a high technology enterprise, governs Zhejiang Aoli Electric Appliance Co. Ltd,Zhejiang Aoli MOTOR Co. Ltd, Huangshan Aoli MOTOR Co. Ltd, Shaoxing Aoli Electron Co. Ltd, and Shengzhou DELI PUMP  INDUSTRY Co. Ltd. Zhejiang  NEWDA OPTOELECTRONIC  TECHNOLOGY Ltd. BESTDEVELOP TECHNOLOGY(ZHEJIANG)CORP.
The Group specialized in production of air-conditioner, motion air condition, air evolution, humidity reducing set and electrical machinery. The ability of annual production of air condition and home appliances is 800,000. and 5,000,000 (wrap) of the fitting of the home use air-condition, the central air conditioni, the lampblack machine, the refrigerator, the condenser, the speed reducer, the air pump and so on special-purpose electrical machinery as well as industrial used electrical machinery, direct current machine, products and so on cover extremely electrical machinery. The products mostly export to North America, Australia, Middle East and so on each region, and best-selling domestic great river north and south, depth internal and external general consumer high praise.

         The group headquarters Zhejiang Aoli Electric Appliance Co. Ltd.and Zhejiang  NEWDA OPTOELECTRONIC  TECHNOLOGY Ltd. are situated at the Zhejiang Province Shengzhou Pukou development zone, the area is 200000㎡ . Zhejiang Aoli MOTOR Co. Ltd、Shengzhou DELI PUMP  INDUSTRY Co. Ltd. are situated at southeast of the development zone of Shengzhou city in the Zhejiang Province, the area is 25000㎡, the modern intellectualization standard 8 more than 10,000 square meter electric appliance building (use in developing, experiment, production, marketing specially) and the garden-like factory district environment everywhere send out the modern civilization breath. The aoli bases the Chinese national condition, in the air-conditioner as well as necessary uses electricity machine and so on the product design techniques of manufacture, with universities as well as Germany, Japan and so on Zhejiang University, Shanghai University and so on developed country has the stable technical collaboration and the exchange, absorbs their vanguard technology and the experience fully, devotes in the creation national characteristic and the internationalization facies group individuality brand, already developed the successful several items to have the international advanced level new product, has formed the scientific research, the production integration development good situation. The aoli Company relies on the abundant fund strength and the synthesis superiority, the developed domestic and foreign marketing network, uses the traditional electrical machinery industry fully the superiority, has become a development quickest strength for new life which the domestic electrical machinery as well as in the electrical appliances profession rises rapidly. Depends on the aoli Company's good prestige and the remarkable product technology and the quality superiority, the aoli devotes positively to the development domestic market, and will certainly to become the nova which the Chinese electrical machinery and in the electrical appliances profession glistens.

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zhejiang aoli electric appliance co.,ltd