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    sets of electrical equipment products such as 220kv and below power transformer, rectifier transformers, electric furnace transformer, reactor, casting resin dry-type transformers, European American box-type substation, 35kv Electronic Controlled cabinet and below,lead in technology and technics in Domestic electrical equipment industry

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Independence Innovation and focusing on Beyond

For more than 10 years, Huaye Group are focusing on research and development of sets of electrical equipment products such as 220kv and below power transformer, rectifier transformers, electric furnace transformer, reactor, casting resin dry-type transformers, European American box-type substation, 35kv Electronic Controlled cabinet and below,lead in technology and technics in Domestic electrical equipment industry.Now Transformer manufacturing industry owns three state-level experts, 11 Senior Engineer in industry, all kinds of professional and technical personnel more than 100, and keep a close relationship of technical cooperation with top-class scholars, experts in industry both aboard and domestic.
Multi-splitting phase-shifting rectifier transformer developed by ourself has become the most advanced products in industy, perfect used in key metallurgical rolling projects in the domestic, be regarded as similar products of the "fist" and exported to the U.S., Germany , And other developed countries and regions, currently accounts for more than 70 percent market share. In addition, energy-efficient submerged arc furnace transformer, hollow self-cold reactor, and other professional products are being Leading position in the domestic, and were given first batch professional models certificate of registration by national industy management authority organizations - the Shenyang Transformer Research Institute, and other departments.
The large transformer final assembly factory of 30,000 square meters, expanded and produced newly,has made capacity of design and production of Huaye transformer reach to advanced rank, so that enterprise possess conditions contest to large companies both aboard and domestic in aspects of equipment, research and development,and capacity.
At present, Huaye transformer manufacturing company has introduced 2 NC-core processing center-QiaoGe line, 16 single hook lifting 300 tons (maximum) combination crane with finland keni frequency conversion technology, NC vertical (maximum 20 tons) , Horizontal Wind machines amount to 20 sets, NC macwelli kerosene gas vacuum drying system (800 cubic meters) two sets, NC insulation pieces of equipment, such as processing center over one hundred.Equipped 18million kv impulse voltage generator, compensation capacitors tower, 60 sets of equipments such as 60 Hz, 50 Hz generating units, transformers detection computer system . We Can carry out single 300,000 kVA, 330,000 volts products tests independently.
Huaye Group transformer focus on high starting point, high standards, economic energy, security, reliability in design, performance parameters .according to the S11 standard, combined with regional power grids and environmental conditions, the structure will focus on short-circuit resistance capacity and PD Requirement, raw materials and components, accessories are selected from the best quality supplyer of the manufacturers in international. Through the introduction of foreign advanced design to ensure that the products do not have arrived at the scene after the second hanging core can be directly put into operation, saving a large number of installation and debugging charge for users, products not only effective in energy-saving but also significantly in social benefits.
In the electronic control equipment, the Huaye has 35 kv and below the level high- voltage cabinets like KYN series, XGN series, GGA, and low - voltage cabinets like GCK series, GCS series, GGD Series, MI Series and the introduction of cabinet-SAS series,BLOCKSET Series ,many rich performance of various sectors, but also the first campany cooperate with the German Siemens, Admiralty Moeller, Hansen,French Schneider. Now do not only a world-class production of high&low voltage electronic control
Cabinets ,also has turnkey contractor electrical systems engineering capabilities.
Huaye Group is abundant of industry experience and performance to provide electrical equipment products for major technologies and equipment in collaboration with large enterprises .
Brace development and Lead future
With many years of accumulation of market and technology personnel, today,Huaye has entered the domestic top-class of R & D, manufacturing, service providers in transformer and set industrial electrical area.Huaye Group considered brand, resources and funds as the three major development stronghold, " simple, efficient and healthy" as the management idea, satisfied the broadly needs of market rely on more specialized products , Multi-level and continuing to meet in the "customer first, service orient" business philosophy.
Staff advocate: seriously,strict, diligent and simple; firmly believe that: Godverewards those who work hard; appreciation: careful, meticulous, responsible for the most simple of the foundation work and the attitude of publicity: sense, follow rules, reliable conservative style of work ; In full compliance with the rule of the Chinese nation's traditional values, moral values and put ourselves in position of customers, sub-contractor, employees, friends, family interests and honesty. We do not selfish,a win-win symbiosis is the basis for development cooperation. We oppose the opportunism and believe that gain from pain. The goals and needs of customers is the direction of our efforts .It is the only value of our existence to meet the client's wish. Huaye is a engaged in manufacturing-oriented enterprise, and promise that ensure quality, guarantee period, service actively and reasonable prices.
In previous years, Huaye Group provided products for Anshan steel, Benxi steel, Daqing, Liaoning Petrochemical, Dalian heavy, China First Heavy Machinery Corporation, the second heavy, Beijing automate Design and Research Institute, Tianjin Electrical Transmission Design Institute, the State grid , Siemens, Hansen, Aisi Parker, Alstom and other units at home and abroad,and accumulated experience. The times go forward,Huaye also advance. We are continuing to innovate, and to make our old customers and new customers to enjoy the better products and servicesin a more gracious way.
Huaye is a group of ordinary people.It is the principle to speak truth, do practical things,be honest people for association. We cherish make friends with anyone who are willing to contact with Huaye.We welcome you come to Huaye,understand Huaye.We hope to get the most precious gift - trust.

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