Zongshen Power Machinery Co., Ltd., comprising two-wheeled vehicle power system, three-wheeled vehicle power system, four-wheeled vehicle power system, general power machinery and farm-use power machinery and providing customers with an integrated solution in power matching by gradually developing the diesel and electricity driving power. The annual motorcycle engine yield is 5 million, and the production capacity of the general power machinery is 5 million. The second part is clean energy and new power business led by Zongshen PEM Power Systems Inc., with the annual production capacity of electric motorcycles and light mopeds being 1 million. Zongshen PEM Power Systems Inc. (ZPP) is also involved in the development of replaceable, environment-friendly and pollution-free fuel batteries, supported by its rich technological knowledge. The third part is motorcycle business led by, comprising the business of key parts for two-wheeled vehicle power system, three-wheeled vehicle power system, stamping and welding, molding and motorcycle, with an annual motorcycle production capacity of 3 million. Other non-major businesses include bioengineering, mining, real estate, financial business, etc.