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    TITLE: Double belt feeding molding unit

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Founded in 2003, situated at No.16, Donghu Street, Jizhong District, Yingbin Road, Hi-Tech Industries Development Zone, Haerbin City, Haerbin Coredwire New Metallurgy Materials Co., Ltd mainly deals with self-owned technological conversion products (including high magnesium multi-element alloy, high magnesium multi-element alloy wrap core wires, its production line, cored wire feeding machine for different production scales and product breeds, and design, manufacturing, spheroidizing technology and crafts of high-tech products, etc) internal and external R&D, production and sales.

  Our company mainly manufactures assorted wrap core wires, wrap core wire forming machines, high magnesium alloy and cored wire feeding machines. Besides a large number of advanced checking and machining equipments, it is also possessed of many researchers and designers engaged in craft and equipment researching. The research and application for wrap core wires are its research project during Chinese Seventh Five-Year Plan, whose research results were awarded as First-Grade Heilongjiang Province Scientific and Technological Progress Prize and Third-Grade State Scientific and Technological Progress Prize. Its wrap core wire forming machine, cored wire feeding machine spheroidizing station and spheroidizing inoculation station enjoy China Invention Patent and New Practical Type Patent separately. The products not only supply domestic metallurgy and manufacturing plants, but also are exported to South Korea, Japan, Italy and Russia, etc.

  There are 36 part-time technicians (including 3 professors with the special state allowances, 2 associate professors, 2 instructors, 10 senior engineers, 10 advanced technicians, 7 doctors and 6 masters) and 60 skilled workers.

  In order to keep the leading position and further expend overseas and domestic markets, our company updates the original product technology and invests millions Yuan to develop “Inoculation of Cast Iron with Wrap Core Wires”, “Steel Materials (Bar Products) Succeeding Finishing Equipments”, “Industrial Robots” and “New Type High Speed Forming Machines”, etc.

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