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  • Main Products:

    Fingerprint lock ,Smart Home Products

  • Location:

    401Room,JinZuoBiao Building ,DianTai Street,Changchun City,JiLin Province,China

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Evida Technology was founded in 2014, with registered capital of Wu million yuan and more than 100 employees. Its daily operation is located in the Golden coordinate Building of Radio Street, Chaoyang District, Changchun City. The R & D center and technical support are in the east of Weifeng, Ecological Street. The company is committed to the application and promotion of new technology in life scenes, supported by cutting-edge technologies such as biometric identification, AI control, to provide customers with intelligent city, community, family overall solutions; And engaged in global biometrics, AI related technology areas of communication and cooperation, based on the traditional business model, the company is committed to the Internet and innovative e-commerce model in corporate marketing applications.

The company's intelligent security products, fingerprint, palm vein, iris, face recognition technology, is provided by the Department of Mathematics of Jilin University scientific algorithm, security level, recognition efficiency are in the world's leading level. AI home series products, are domestic and foreign emerging technology companies representative products. And Changchun University of Technology for industry, education and research cooperation, constantly open up new technical areas and product requirements.

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