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    Diesel Engine Model Z170F, Z175F, Z180F, R170A, R175A, R180A

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       Cixi city, ningbo diesel Co., LTD (three-ring three-ring power machinery Co., LTD.) is a power plant and the British GaoCheng flourish of the joint venture companies in China, is the earliest production of small power of diesel engine is one of the professional.

       From 1996 to produce "three-ring" brand diesel engines to 2008 has accumulated production and sales of various types of diesel engine than 275 million. In April 1993 power plant and the British cixi) in the Yangtze river delta investment Co., LTD. Is a joint venture ningbo three-ring machinery Co., LTD, registered capital 10 million dollars, internal combustion engines, general motors, generators, hardware, machinery manufacturing, casting and repair. July 1997 power plant and the British cixi seventh (China) investment company established cixi three-ring diesel engine Co., LTD, registered capital is 360 million us dollars, the business scope: engine, generator, motor, machine tools, hardware, machinery manufacturing, casting and repair. In December 2000, the power plant GuoZiBan cixi cixi, cixi power by limited company. Currently, the company has the first-class production assembly commissioning, strong technical force, has formed the annual production capacity of 30 million diesel engine.

         We have passed ISO9001:2000 quality management system certification, the product quality excellent, 165F for ministry-excellent products for national Z170F, small power of air-cooled diesel first state silver medal, ningbo famous-brand products. 2007 "three-ring" brand diesel engine was recommended to China chamber of "Chinese export brand" in 2008, our company was awarded the kindness of China three-ring internal-combustion engine industry outstanding contribution enterprise.

         The main products of the company are "three-ring" brand diesel Z160F, Z165F, 165F, Z170F, Z175F, Z180F, ZR165, ZR170, ZR175, ZR176, ZR180, R170A, R175A, R180A, ZC170FA, Z178FA, Z186FA breed such as advanced design, product reliability, convenience, supporting wide, as many small home, animal husbandry, fishery transportation machinery power.

        Companies with "quality, tricyclic power; sincere service, tricyclic forever." For the purpose of credibility, domestic and international market, products sell well in 28 provinces (city) of China and exported to more than 10 countries and regions.

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