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Zhejiang International Trade Group Co., Ltd. ( hereinafter referred to as the China World Trade Center group) was founded in 2008, is the provincial government investment in the establishment of wholly state-owned company. China World Trade Center group in Zhejiang province people's Government State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission under the supervision of state-owned assets, to fulfill contributive person function, undertake state-owned asset maintains value rise in value of responsibility.

China World Trade Center group registered capital of 980000000 yuan, for the original source of wing big, large, three Oriental Group has capital gold. Company legal domicile for the Zhejiang province Hangzhou City Road No. 199. Products for the mandate of state-owned assets management, involving trade, financial services, industrial investment, economic cooperation. Group and the world 213 countries and regions of the well-known merchants established a broad and stable trade relations of cooperation, the operation of export up to 210 categories, mainly light industrial products, medical products, agricultural and sideline products, such as mechanical and electrical products.

The group has two subsidiaries (including substantial relative holding company ) 20, state-owned asset coverage at all levels of the company more than 163. Owned subsidiary of a listing Corporation Zhejiang Oriental Group Limited by Share Ltd ( Stock Code: 600120). In the province of the more influential subsidiaries mainly in Zhejiang Province Livestock Products Import & Export Corporation, Zhejiang Province, medicines and health products import and Export Corporation, Zhejiang province grain and oil import and export Limited by Share Ltd, Zhejiang Textile Import & Export Corporation, Zhejiang Province Chemicals Import and Export Company Limited, Zhejiang metals and minerals import and Export Corporation, Zhejiang grand Technology Group Limited, Zhejiang Dadi futures brokers Limited, Zheshang capital trust Limited by Share Ltd. These companies in the local foreign trade industry rankings have come out in front. By the end of 2010, the company employees more than 14000 people.

In 2011, the group in overcoming many domestic and foreign unfavorable factors to achieve stable and healthy development. In 2011 the group achieved sales income 42282000000 yuan, grow 21.42% compared to the same period, a total profit of 2120000000 yuan, grow 48.67%. According to parent subsidiary with caliber, 2011 Group Import and export amount 4814000000 dollar, grow 11% compared to the same period, wherein, export 3872000000 dollar, grow 9.26% compared to the same period; import 942000000 dollar, grow 18.79% compared to the same period, the steady growth of industry development. According to Chinese entrepreneur federation released in 2011 500 strong ranks caliber, the group ranked 230th; 500 strong service industry rankings, ranked seventy-fourth, the local state-owned foreign trade enterprises, the top two.