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Hunan Xunda Group Co., Ltd. Located in great man's hometown Xiang Tan, in bank of Xiang River, it’s management style of honest, sincere, efficiency and serious and innovations is pregnant by Xiang Chu Culture. In 1984, the founder of our company, one of the first circles of National Excellent Inventor and Enterpriser, has established the new product development research institute of Xiang Tan by the borrowed money of RMB2000.00. According to his courage and insight, intelligence and tenacious spirit, the enterprise work steadily and make solid progress and development. In 1992, regarded the new product development research institute of Xiang Tan as the core and established Hunan Xunda Group in 1992. In 1997, established Hunan Xunda Group Co., Ltd. The Group Company include Hunan Xunda Group Co., Ltd. , Xiangtan Xunda Vessel Manufacture Co., Ltd. , Xunda Kitchen Cupboard Co., Ltd. , Xiangtan Jianchehang Auto Service Co., Ltd. , Zhejiang Xunda Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd. , Hubei Science Technologies Co., Ltd., Universal Concepts Ltd (China), Shenzhen Light Industry Co., Ltd. ,etc. 7 subsidiaries. It is one large-scale private enterprise group of Hi-Tech that collects scientific research, production and sale. From depend on somebody for living and penniless, the company developed to have land area of 22.867 hectares until today, total assets of 768 million yuan, annual sales amount exceeds 680 million yuan, and export sales up to ten million dollars every year. The staff grow from 5 initial people to more than 1200 people, among them all kinds of high, precise, sharp compounding type skilled personnel accounts for 30%. The company advocate the way of combination of production, learning and research actively, pass the cooperation with university, make enterprise's research and development and independent innovation ability consolidated and strengthened further.   Sincerity and faith in unity, honest and trust in management - Hunan Xunda Group Co., Ltd. inherit this tenet. Since establishing in 1984, the company advocate " prospering the trade with science and technology ", around improving product quality, increase devotion for QC, implement technological innovation project, guarantee the product technical feature and improvement of grade, adopt new technology, new material, new craft actively, accelerated new product development and transformation of the research results, the company have independent 154 items of intellectual property right now. In 2004, the company are regarded as " the pilot unit of pilot work of the second batch of national enterprise's patents ", listed in " the intellectual property right of the patent lays special stress on protecting the unit " by the patent office of the city.   

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