Established in 1989, ChunFeng Holding Group Co,.Ltd. is a private holding enterprise with liquid cooled engines and scooters as its kernel industry. The group now has eight wholly-owned and holding subsidiary companies, engaged in the manufacturing of liquid cooled engines, scooters and motorcycles, vehicle parts and accessories and industrial investment. The main products of the group now include: liquid cooled engines with displacement ranging from 50CC to 500CC with the models of CF188, 172MM, 157MJ, 1P58MJ, 1P52MI, 152MI, 1P39MB, scooter series of E-Jewel, E-charm and motorcycle series of V 3 and V 5.CF188, 172MM and 1P39MB are the first of its kind in China designed, developed by the group with independent intellectual property right and patents. While keeping upgrading the industry with high technologies and new concepts of management, the group has established a professional and highly efficient supporting system for the supply of spare parts. CFMOTO has developed into an enterprise specialized in the R&D, production and marketing of liquid cooled engines, scooters and motorcycles and is well known among the Chinese engine and motorcycle manufacturers. With the cooperation concept of “Harmony, Good Faith and Innovation”, CFMOTO is heading forward along a different way while sticking to the international standards. As one of the provincial hi-tech enterprises, CFMOTO has been successively awarded “AAA Credit Enterprise” by the banking system and “3E Enterprise” (Excellent Enterprise、Excellent Product、Excellent Enterpriser) by the provincial authorities. As an exported-oriented company, CFMOTO has set up a distribution network in Japan, Korea, USA, Malaysia, Viet Nam, Europe, South America and other countries and regions. CFMOTO is looking forward to closer cooperation with friends all over the world.





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