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         Located in Jiedong Economic Development Experimental Area  (15 kilometers away from Chaoshan Airport, 330 kilometers away from Shenzhen and 280 kilometers away from Xiamen), Greatoo Intelligent Equipment Inc. (stock abbreviation: Greatoo, stock code: 002031), the first listed tire mold manufacturing enterprises with a large scale and leading technology in China. Since its establishment, the company has persisted in making innovations by itself and has been driven by technology. The company has developed four main high-end industries including tire molds, curing presses, industrial robots and precision machine tools. It set up subsidiaries in India, Europe and America, which has developed in a new international trend. The company has been listed as the key new high-tech enterprise in the National Torch Plan, the national model enterprises of technological innovation, one of the hundred leading private enterprises in Guangdong, one of the most important strategic industries in Guangdong, one of the 50 key manufacturing enterprises in Guangdong, an innovative enterprises in Guangdong, with high-end research institutes such as national technology centers,  academician workstations, post-doctor workstations and engineering centers under the joint efforts of the country and local places.