Taizhou Doyin Import & Export CO., LTD.


Taizhou Doyin Import & Export Co., Ltd. is a foreign trade company majoring in manufacturing, trading and agent business. The company, which produces miscellaneous shoes, pumps and generator, now owns 1260 personnel and 36800M3 manufacturing basis. In 2003, said company created the foreign currency over USD20,520,000. By possessing a group of specialized elites on modern management idea and several sets of international standard manufacturing equipment and testing devices, the company could guarantee the effective implementation of ISO9002 quality management system and the successful development of all phase of jobs, thus guarantee the quality and quantity of its production. The company majors in producing shoes, pumps and generators and in promoting import and export business of all its productions. In the meantime, the company also shows interest in developing agent business with foreign cooperators. It has always been our interest to serve the clients.





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