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Qinhuangdao Metallurgical Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. was founded in 1958. Fifty years, Qin Ye services in metallurgy, electric power, chemical and machinery industries, the steel industry leading equipment providers and system integration services provider; metallurgical equipment industry standard drafting and development unit, the national machinery industry advanced group; has become scientific management system, the health of the operating mechanism, market share is stable and distinctive characteristics of products, services, quality and thoughtful large machinery enterprises.



Qin Ye Heavy Industries under the jurisdiction of the 6 holding subsidiaries, covers an area of ​​450,000 square meters, an area of ​​120,000 square meters of production plants, equipment, more than 1000 sets of more than 1,600 employees, has three major production bases (Qinhuangdao Development Zone, base the development of Beidaihe District base funing industrial zone base), the total assets of 1.5 billion yuan.



Qin Metallurgical Construction Engineering Research Center of provincial metallurgical equipment, professional and technical personnel more than 280 people, including high-level technical personnel more than 190 people, has 40 patents, proprietary technology. Established stable cooperative relations have maintained good cooperative relations with major Metallurgical Engineering, Iron and Steel Group Corporation and Beijing University of Science and Technology, Northeastern University, Yanshan University, Beijing Jiaotong University, Shenyang University, colleges and universities.



Qin rule of the leading products for the bell-less top equipment, metallurgy valve, metallurgy vehicle, coking equipment; Qin MCC can provide customers with the iron and steel metallurgy engineering and technical services, ladle stamped with the technology and services, sliding gate mechanical services, hot blast furnace drying services furnace, flue gas desulfurization technology, wet coal and lignite drying technology and engineering services; can provide steel castings, large steel structures, pipe seals, forged flanges, Shield construction equipment, port machinery, more than a dozen categories of products, covering many areas of the steel industry, coking, sintering, smelting, metallurgical industrial, mining and transport systems and tunneling projects, ports and materials handling, etc.. Metallurgical valves, vehicles, metallurgy, coking equipment, iron, steel front metallurgical equipment domestic first-class and internationally renowned steel industry.



Qin rule of selling domestic products, are exported to 21 countries in Asia, Africa, Europe, the Americas. In recent years, Qin Ye, with a strong technical strength and manufacturing capability to undertake foreign metallurgical engineering general contracting services in Turkey 450m3 blast furnace, Vietnam 300m3 blast furnace.


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