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  • Main Products:

    Gas insulated metal-enclosed switchgear (hereinafter referred to as GIS) and six fluoride sulfur circuit breaker, high voltage ac generator circuit breaker; Outdoor 40.5 kV-1100 kV, indoor 10 kV various types of indoor and isolating switch, grounding switch

  • Location:

    No.38, Jingxing North Street, Tiexi District, shenyang, 110025 P.R. China


NHVS, parent company of Northeast Electric (Shenyang) High Voltage Switchgear Co.,Ltd., is expertized in sales and manufacturing on high voltage switchgear products.The main business scope of Northeast Electric (Shenyang) High Voltage Switchgear Co.,Ltd includes gas insulated switchgear (GIS) ,SF6 circuit breaker and HV AC generator circuit breaker (GCB) from 72.5kV to 1100kV. New Northeast Electric (Shenyang) High Voltage Disconnector Co., Ltd. is focus on manufacturing the disconnector from 40.5kV to 1100kV for outdoor and all varieties of specification of 10kV disconnector and earthing switch for indoor. New Northeast Electric (Jinzhou) Power Capacitor Co.,Ltd.is focus on manufacturing shunt capacitor ,dry and self-healing type shunt capacitor and high and low voltage compensating set devices. Fuxin Enclosed Busbar Co.,Ltd is focus on manufacturing non-segregated busducts, metal boxes enclosed busducts and set devices. Shenyang Xinming Transformer Co., Ltd is focus on manufacturing current transformer for hollow insulators. Shenyang Xinchang Machining Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is focus on manufacturing local control cubicle etc.. Totally cover more than 40 series, 190 types and 1350 specifications which distributed range from 72.5kV to 1100kV. At present, the product of NHVS had already exported to more than 20 countries and regions who also get the higher reputation in domestic and abroad market.

NHVS has achieved ISO 9001 Certificate Authentication and all products manufactured strictly as per China National Standard (GB) and IEC Standard. NHVS also had the designing and manufacturing aptitude of pressure vessel, the production aptitude of 550 kV GIS from ABB Switzerland as well as the first-class enterprise aptitude by National Measurement Bureau.

NHVS absorbed many advanced management technique and experience from abroad companies who also obtained plenty of excellent talents working in management, technique and service areas as well as the strong ability in research & development and manufacturing area. Hereinto, New Northeast Electric (Shenyang) High Voltage Switchgear Co.,Ltd. is the main research and development manufacturing base of high voltage switchgear of transmission and distribution in domestic. As the only 800kV GIS manufacturer of extra high voltage who also supplied the first 800kV GIS of EHV transmission line in domestic and had already put into operation. NHVS also get the 1100kV GIS order from EHV transmission and distribution Test Demonstration Project as well as lots of 550kV GIS put into operation in Three Gorges Project Left Bank and Right Bank. The company also gets mostly contracts from numerous national important projects. NHVS initially carries out “Customer Service Regulation” and received high reputation. The products of NHVS has been granted more than 40 awards by state, ministry and province.

New Northeast Electric (Jinzhou) Power Capacitor Co.,Ltd is the key enterprise on manufacturing power capacitor in domestic who obtained the production ability of 900kV power capacitor. Their products included 4 items obtained the national class products and 28 items obtained Science and Technology Advance Awards of Nation and Province and 11 intellectual property rights.

New Northeast Electric (Shenyang) High Voltage Disconnector Co., Ltd is the main research and development base of manufacturing HV disconnector, earthing switch and live type switchgear. The history of company is more than 50 years who obtained the most specifications in this industry.

Fuxin Enclosed Busbar Co., Ltd. is the only specialized production enterprise on manufacturing enclosed busbar who obtained the only research institute of enclosed busbar.


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