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      Feishen has Feishen Industry, Tongshuo Technology, Yichun Shares, Bangchen Industry & Trade, American JCL Corporation under its jurisdiction. Founded in 2000 and with the development over 11 years, Feishen has been available the capacity to produce 2,000,000 cars/ year for over 100 models. As the largest research, development, production and export base for recreational electric car and medical rehabilitation car in China, Feishen has already sold products to over 50 countries and regions in Europe, America and Asia and etc.. Moreover Tongshuo Technology, Yichun Shares and Bangchen Industry & Trade established the R&D and production base for special car, Photovoltaic solar product and low-speed electric automobile by establishing cooperation with Zhejiang University, Zhejiang University of Technology and other famous universities. Currently there has formed three typical industries in Feishen Group, i.e.: the electric automobile industry represented by recreational electric car and oriented by low-speed electric automobiles, the health industry focusing on helpage car and rehabilitation and healthcare car, as well as the new energy industry focusing on utilization and development of photovoltaic solar, inverter, microgrid and photovoltaic integration.