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 GreenWheel Electric Vehicle Co., LtdSince 2001, after nearly a decade of independent R & D, GreenWheel has completely mastered the two core technologies in "high efficient electric drive systemintegration" and "DSP electric drive control system integration". At the same time, it has its own EV battery management system technology, complete EV control and match system, as well as the related key EV electronic assistantseries of proprietary technologies. It has won many national Scientific and TechnologicalAchievement Awards and owns a number of Patents in the field of EV’s. It is recognized as aleader in the domestic EV technology . It has started to launch itshigh-performance EV’s in the international market as early as 2007, selling products to Europe and America. Currently, the company has established in its plant dedicated EV production lines, with electronic testing equipment and final inspection tracks. The present annual production and sales capacity is 20,000 EV’s, and there are anohter two large new manufacturing bases under construction respectively in south and north China.