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Wiitek has all series optical transceivers with bandwidth from 100Mbps to 120Gbps. all of which are pluggable modules. Wiitek transceivers can be deployed in various applications such as: data communications , SDH, storage area networks , supercomputers and cloud computing and much more.


Wiitek direct attached cables includes: products. Each product series has unique technology and packaging capabilities.


Since 2010, Wiitek has been investing in integrated optical devices and optical interconnection solution for supercomputers and cloud computing system. Through its unique self-innovated technology platforms and optical engine patents,Wiitek has successfully launched several Optical/Copper Cables.

Wiitek has key advantages: Advanced technology platform of array coupled device packaging and integration are the key advantages of Wiitek. With highly vertically integrated automated production lines based on MEMS system and perfect quality management system, Wiitek has been qualified by the