Erui International Electronic Commerce Co.,Ltd

Main Products: protective equipment...

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Erui International Electronic Commerce Co.,Ltd

  • Business Type:

    Manufacture, Trade

  • Main Products:

    protective equipment

  • Location:

    20th Floor of Technology Transaction Building,No.117 on Yingshanhong Road,Huangdao District,Qingdao,Shandong Province,PRC.


ERUI International Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd. is a cross-border industrial platform of “Industry + Internet” in oil & gas field, which commits to providing high-efficiency supply chain integration services to customers. With advanced purchasing concepts and purchasing management experience, we provide customers with global big data, efficient procurement, quality assurance, home delivery, supply chain finance, on-site installation and after-sales, talents and technical support, etc. . As a one-stop procurement platform in the oil & gas field, we offer our customers comprehensive solutions.

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Erui International Electronic Commerce Co.,Ltd