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Wenling guide motor Technology institute

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    Pump testing equipment, electrical test equipment

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    Economic Development Zone,Wenling City,Zhe Jiang,China


Wenling City pilot motor Institute of Technology has a pump CAD workstations, electrical CAD workstation, pump testing center, motor testing center, process manufacturing research center, the standard center and testing equipment manufacturing center, the main pump and motor for the pump and motor-related corporate CAD design and testing, product testing, testing equipment research and development, industrial design, rapid prototyping, 3C certification, personnel training and other technical services. And the website of the Institute independently developed by the pump city "for the pump and motor companies to provide an information sharing platform for information exchange. The Institute has technical experts, take a number of provincial-level key scientific and technological projects, a wide range of cooperative relations with universities, research institutes. Through continuous efforts and innovation, the Institute has become an important technical support for Wenling pump and motor industries, has played a positive role for the of Wenling pump and motor block economy bigger and stronger.Of the Institute from its inception in 2000, a number of honors. 2002 Provincial Science and Technology Agency identified as "the Wenling pump and pump motor provincial scientific and technological innovation service center; 2003, the Provincial Economic and Trade Commission as" provincial trade center "; 2005, the Ministry of Information Industry first batch of pilot enterprises for industry application of information technology extension services; 2008, the National Science and Technology "National Model Productivity Promotion Center, while Taizhou Bureau as" Taizhou municipal innovation platform "; 2009 years, approved by the Zhejiang Provincial Government for "Wenling pump and motor major technologies and innovative services platform", and Wenling City as the "Top Ten Business Innovation Team; 2010, was approved by the Zhejiang Provincial Government" Zhejiang pump and motor technological innovation service platform, by the Zhejiang Provincial People's Government as the provincial key enterprises of the Services Sector, and the Ministry of Industry as the "national public service model for SMEs platform.Dynamometer, dynamic balancing machines, electrical safety testing equipment, factory test system, the generator test system, air compressor test system, welding machine test systemMagnetizing machine, load cabinet, cabinet load, power inverter, power inverter, high-pressure machine, a few significant dynamic balancing machine, the rotor bar breaking fault detectorDC power supply, turn to turn the impact of pressure instrument, power tools, test bench, the life test system, silicon detectors, stator test bed

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