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Bicycles and Parts

Bicycles and Parts

Auto Parts and Aftermarket Service

Auto Parts and Aftermarket Service

  • Products:Construction, Infrastructure and overseas projects. Electrical Wire and Electrical Cable,Industrial Boiler,Engineering Machinery,Equipment and Machinery for Weight-lifting and Transporting General contracting of construction, infrastructure and overseas projects in the fields of chemical,

  • Products:Chemical Industry. Ship and Watercraft,Power Generating Equipment,Equipment for Power Transmission and Substation,Electric Machine,Steam Turbine,Industrial Boiler,Engineering Machinery,Equipment and Machinery for Weight Starting from a successful EPC soda ash plant project, CITIC ICC has attached

  • Products:Petroleum chemical industry. -- ?-- Chemical Product Production Engineering(Alcohol,Alkene,Phenol,Acid,Aldehyde,Ether,Benzene,etc) CHINA TIANCHEN ENGINEERING CORPORATION.

  • Products:Petroleum chemical industry. Instrument,Cine-machine and Equipment,Power Generating Equipment,Equipment for Power Transmission and Substation,Electric Machine,Electrical Appliance (high, low voltage),Electrical Wire and Electrica Petroleum chemical industry ? Chemical Product Production

  • Products:Global engineering. EPC,PMC,Consulant, ect. The six construction company is a handful of domestic petroleum, in only one ethylene a whole set of equipment, large LNG storage tank construction performance of the construction units, in the large oil refining, ethylene, petrochemical, marine terminals,

  • Products:YunWei group 300000 tons/year. Meter,Instrument,Power Generating Equipment,Equipment for Power Transmission and Substation,Electric Machine,Industrial Boiler,Insulative Material,Other Electric Product,Petrochemical Machinery and Eq ? Urea 300000 tons/year ? ? ? Construction: March 2009

  • Products:Petrochemical Industry. Graphite Electrode - Chemical Product Production Engineering(Alcohol,Alkene,Phenol,Acid,Aldehyde,Ether,Benzene,etc) CIMM GROUP CO LTD

  • Products:TNT. Communication Device,Marine Equipment and Parts,Airplane and other Aircraft,Aerospace and Aeronautical Ground Equipment - Chemical Product Production Engineering(Alcohol,Alkene,Phenol,Acid,Aldehyde,Ether,Benzene,etc) POLY TECHNOLOGIES INC.

  • Products:DBE. Automobile, Special-purpose Vehicle and Parts and Accessories,Hardware and Tool,Bearing and Parts,Chain,Grinding Materials and Apparatus,Meter,Instrument,Medical Instrument and Equipment,Electric Machine,Electrical Appliance (high, low voltage),Insulative Material,Bicycle and Parts ? 1

  • Products:Coal chemical project. Engineering services, marine engineering, clean energy, the development of plate In the field of coal chemical industry, Wison has been formed from R & D, consulting, design, construction, car training, and service capabilities of the whole process of the transportation

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