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Different from traditional and complicated videoconferencing solutions, the Huawei TP1002 is integrated, immersive, and simple, conveying a new design concept for Huawei telepresence. Every detail, such as the table design, light source, wall color, and carpet material, is carefully considered and well combined with conference interaction so that participants can have fresh, unique, true, and face-to-face experiences. Life-size ultimate HDHuawei TP1002 solution uses Huawei high-end video codec, combined with Huawei developed camera, although the participants are far away from the site, their images will display on the 65-inch HD 1080P screen with ratio of 1:1, life-size. Participants can speak with and read the body language of others, just as if all were in the same room. Natural Eye-to-Eye ExperienceUsing a five-degree angle between the plane formed by a participant’s eyes and the Camera and that formed by the eyes and the displays, the Huawei TP1002 provides new, excel

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