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Salt Content Tester (RAY-6532)

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Crude Petroleum and Petroleum Products Salt Content Tester

The instrument is designed and made as per the National Standard GB/T6532 "Test Methods for Salt Content of Crude Petroleum and Petroleum Products". It is suitable to determine salt content of crude petroleum and petroleum products. It is also suitable to make determination as per GB/T6535 "Test Methods for Lead Content of Gasoline (Volumetric Chromate Methods)".

The instrument can be used for salt content determination, so that to determine the amount of halides, whose concentration is 0.002~0.02% (weight) in crude petroleum, reduced oils, cracked residues and fuel oils, and to determine pollution degree of turbine oil and marine fuel oil by sea water.

Main technical characteristics
1. The instrument is a desktop configuration. It is composed of main unit, controlling case, and electric furnace. The controlling case and the main unit are separate with each other and they are connected by a piece of conductive wires. It is reasonable and convenient.
2. Extractor: Its beaker of 500 ml (with heating wire and plug), condenser, and column dropping funnel meet the requirements of GB/T6532.

Main technical specification and parameters
1. Extractor: As per GB/T6532;
2. Heating power of extractor: 300 W;
3. Voltage adjustor power: 600 W
4. Insulating resistance of the instrument: Not less than 2MΩ ;
5. Power supply: 220± 10V, 50Hz;

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