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industrial microwave baking machine for food

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    1 20000.00-200000.00

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    3  per Month

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Yantai Care Microwave System Co.,Ltd


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industrial microwave baking machine for food

Composition and microwave parts of industrial microwave baking machine for food 

Automatic temperature control system, automatic microwave density control system, automatic alarm system, transmission correction system, transmission frequency control system, PLC control system, microwave magnetron with Panasonic, LG Brand, water cooling or wind cooling transformer(optinal), etc. This ensures that the equipment can work continuously for 24 hours.

Application of industrial microwave baking machine for food 

The industrial microwave baking machine for food mainly used for the drying of food, vegetable, fruit, mushroom, flower, ceramic, tea, tobacco,nut,meat, sea food, medicines, spices, chemical products, timber, paper products, etc.  . Specific applications include: food drying equipment, medicines drying equipment, drying equipment, chemical products, wood dryer, tea drying equipment, tobacco drying equipment, paper drying equipment, vegetable drier, fruit drier, flower drying equipment, ceramic drying equipment,etc.

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