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EC Certificate- UR8 Lithium

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UGBEST UR8 City Electric E-Scooter with removable battery still has a sports design. With the removable Lithium battery the low cost UGBEST UR8 E-Scooter is the economical model for 2 people. High grade components ensure a long life for this E-Scooter.  Gauges ensure you always know how much charge you have. The removable battery ensure you can take the battery to a charger even if you live in high rise buildings or swap the battery for a charged one and continue on your journey.

Reliability built into this model with the latest German technology controller and  high technology brush-less motor ensures you get to your destination and return with ease.

The UGBEST UR8 can be configured for 25km/h, 45 km/h, 65 km/h and higher speeds according to the customers requirements.

The UGBEST UR8 lithium battery model model is available for OEM customers to use their own brand.

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