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D301weakly alkaline anion exchange resin

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This is a kind of anion exchange resin which has tertiary amine groups in styrene-divinylbenzene copolymer. It can remove effectively organic coloring matters, inorganic acids and silicates from acidic and nearly neutral medium, with its weak alkalinity. It also can adsorb the big-sized impurities and be used in non-aqueous solution. This resin has good properties, such as highly-efficient regeneration capability, large exchange capacity, strong contamination resistance, excellent physical strength etc.

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 It is mainly used in purification, ash removal and decolorization of sugar solution, decolorization of xylose, desalination and decolorization of starch sugar and water treatment industry. When being used in industrial water treatment, it can be used for manufacturing the pure water and high purity water, electroplating the chromium from wastewater etc.

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