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220v 110v electrical power transformer

  • FOB Price: 1.00-0
  • Port:Foshan
  • Minimum Order Quantity:100
  • Supply Ability:1000000  per Month
  • Payment Terms:L/C,D/A,D/P,T/T,Western Union,MoneyGram

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Specification: ·Power rating 10W~25kw ·Primary Customized,AC 110V,115V, 120V,127V, 220V,230V, 240V etc,50HZ/60HZ ·Secondary Customized,AC 12V,24V,36V,48V,120V, 240V etc ·Power factor 0.9 to 0.98 ·Efficiency 90%-99% ·Voltage regulation 16-1.6% ·Output no-load loss 0.5-10W ·Temperature rise ≤65°C

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·Power rating 10W~25kw

·Primary Customized,AC 110V,115V, 120V,127V,

220V,230V, 240V etc,50HZ/60HZ

·Secondary Customized,AC 12V,24V,36V,48V,120V,

240V etc

·Power factor 0.9 to 0.98 

·Efficiency 90%-99% 

·Voltage regulation 16-1.6% 

·Output no-load loss 0.5-10W 

·Temperature rise 65°C



·Smaller in size

·Cost effective

·Easy to mount

·High efficiency

·Low leakage flux

·.Low hum noise

·Low stray field

·Lower off-load power consumption

Mounting (2 kinds):

·Parts for mounting supplied(rubber mats, screws and nuts)

·Central proxy resin encapsulation and drilling




1) Audio amplifier equipment

2) Communication equipment

3) Medical equipment

4) Electric control equipment

5) Lighting and Etc.


Company Info.:

Company Name: Foshan Ecko Electrotech Co.,Ltd.

Address:Room 2410,Building 3,JiuDing International Center,6 Road Jihua,Chancheng District,Foshan City,GuangDong Province,China

Contact:Audrey Chiu

Tel:+86-757-83781188   83789311  Fax: +86-757-82060003

Email: sales03 at ektran.com

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Audrey Chiu