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Gq105j Bacteria High Speed Tubular Centrifuge

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 Gq105j Bacteria High Speed Tubular Centrifuge

105 high-speed Tubular Centrifuge is a kind of separator used in schools, laboratories, research institutes and other industries. The machine has simple structure, reliable operation, high separation factor and good separation effect. It is mainly used for separation of suspension with small solid which is hard to separate. It is suitable for solid-liquid separation with low concentration, small particles, high viscosity and small difference of specific gravity of two medium.
105 high-speed Tubular Centrifuge has three models:GQ105, GF105 and GQ105G.GQ105 is round-enclosure for solid-liquid separation.GF105 is round-enclosure for liquid-liquid separation. It has two types, the painted type and the stainless steel type.GQ105G is square-enclosure for cleaning, with the inside and surface covered with stainless steel. Cooling pipes with large area which have good cooling effect can be configured inside the enclosure upon customer's request. The material of all products touched parts inside the machine is 316L stainless steel.

Gq105j Bacteria High Speed Tubular Centrifuge

Parameter of  Tubular centrifuge GQ/GF 105
Inner diameter of bowl: 105 mm
Solid holding capacity: 5.5 litres
Speed: 16000 RPM
Centrifugal force: 15025 x G
Thoughput: 1200 litres per hour
Motor: 2.2 KW
Size: 800x700x1400 mm
Weight: 400 kg

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